Turns Out Maserati Is Really Terrible At Making Backup Cameras

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They have been recalled for failing in cold weather.

In the past few years, Maserati has decided that it wants to be a volume manufacturer, not just a small fry. That's why the company now offers two practical sedans as well as an SUV. Unfortunately, if you want to be a high-volume car manufacturer you need to make sure that your cars are reliable in all situations, like rain and snow. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just issued a recall for 7,481 Maserati models manufactured between July 1 and November 14, 2016 for backup cameras which fail in cold temperatures.

We would say that backup cameras are pretty important, and owners probably still need to be able to back up even when the weather gets chilly. According to the recall, the freezing temperatures cause the "entertainment telematics module (ETM) [to] place itself in a protection mode, disabling the back-up camera." Fixing the issue will require an update to the system, or you could just turn around when you backup and ignore it. The problem effects some certain 2017 Quattroporte, Ghibli, and Levante models, which is Maserati's whole lineup. This is not the only recent recall for Maserati and it is far from the most dangerous issue to be discovered.

If Maserati really wants to be a competitor with the other large volume luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi, it better make sure that issues like this get ironed out. We thought that using parts from the FCA parts bin would prevent silly issues like this. Maserati is far from perfect, and we have been critical about its cars even before factoring in these recalls.

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