Turns Out McLaren And Apple Actually Did Meet To Talk About A Takeover

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Thanks to stubborn investors, we don't have to worry about McLaren being sold anytime soon.

Earlier this year the Internet was set ablaze with rumors that Apple was in talks with McLaren about taking over McLaren Technologies Group, which houses McLaren's F1 team, its supercar building venture, and its research wing called McLaren Applied Technologies (the coolest sounding place one could hope to work at). We spoke with McLaren and heard that these rumors were simply untrue, but now, a report from Reuters revealed that discussions were had between the two firms.


McLaren's CEO Mike Flewitt divulged the information during an interview with Reuters where he discussed how the company's fast rise to automotive fame has attracted a number of prospective buyers. Still, McLaren's shareholders are committed to maintaining ownership of the company, which only seems poised for further growth as it plans to spend the next few years doubling its lineup, building an electric supercar, and rolling out entry-level models to compete with the hugely popular and highly profitable Porsche 911. "I am comfortable with where our current shareholders are that they want to retain ownership of the company ... They want to develop both companies. I genuinely believe they are very committed to them," said Flewitt.

When pressed about the news of the potential Apple takeover, which may not be as far-fetched as some may think, Flewitt elaborated that Apple did visit McLaren, but nothing came out of the talks. "There wasn't a bid from Apple," said Flewitt. "They visited. We talked. We talked about what they did. We talked about what we did. They toured. It never matured to a definitive proposition," he said. Apple may have been able to find a benefit in taking over McLaren's operations and using its research, but now that the Apple car is dead, the proposition seems less likely. We hope that Apple's visit at least saw one of the company's executives purchase a P1 GTR to mimic Google CEO Benjamin Sloss' purchase of a Ferrari FXX K.

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