Turns Out McLaren Is Open To An SUV...For The Right Price


It'd be a one-off costing a ton of money, though.

McLaren doesn't want to build an SUV. That's it, end of story. Of course if you really, really want a McLaren SUV you could get one…for the right price. Autocar spoke to the automaker's chief designer, Robert Melville, who confirmed the possibility of such a scenario. Of course it would cost big bucks, though. "If you come to MSO, we could design you an all-new body, a power increase or decrease. We can design you whatever you want, if you have the money for it," he said.


MSO of course refers to McLaren Special Operations, the automaker's in-house custom shop. So, how much would such a build cost? According to Melville, the answer is "millions and millions of pounds." Converted to USD that's millions and millions of dollars. The reason why is because McLaren simply doesn't have the existing platform to build such a vehicle on and therefore would need to create an SUV from the ground up. Now that McLaren confirmed it's at least open to the idea of a one-off SUV we hope some rich sheikh or celebrity takes the company up on its offer.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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