Turns Out Mercedes Won't Be Developing Its New Hypercar Alone


To be fair, the company that's helping out is a very safe pair of hands.

Having your own performance division and factory-supported F1 team design a hypercar for you is a pretty obvious thing for Mercedes-Benz to do. With all the talent and technology the two motorsport-oriented offshoots have it would be criminal to not utilize them in the development of a headline-grabbing halo car. However, according to Autocar, it seems Mercedes' employees won't be doing all of the work on the new F1-inspired speed machine, currently known as the R50.

Before you start posting comments along the lines of "OMFG! What is Mercedes thinking!?," it's worth pointing out that partners don't come as promising as the one Autocar is suggesting will be involved in this project. According to the report, the small British sports car maker Lotus will be brought on board to develop the chassis setup on the upcoming AMG hypercar. Though that sounds like an incredibly daunting undertaking (Lotus hasn't engineered anything as fast as this new Mercedes is expected to be), it is worth pointing out that Lotus has developed a reputation for making cars that handle terrifically for a reason. Also, Lotus is only a two-and-a-bit hours drive away from Mercedes' F1 base in Brackley.

Interestingly enough, this upcoming Mercedes hypercar won't be the first Benz model that Lotus has tinkered with. According to the same source who spilled the beans to Autocar, Lotus has already been involved in the chassis setup of another Mercedes performance model. What this particular vehicle is remains unclear for the time being, though we wouldn't be surprised if the car in question is the AMG GT R that rocked up at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this year. But it's at least an indication that Lotus is already involved with Mercedes on a fine-tuning level, and it would be a surprise if such a working relationship would draw to a close after the R50 is completed.


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