Turns Out Nissan May Build The Sway After All

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Imagine that, a Nissan hatchback that you'd actually want.

If you have an especially good memory, you might recall that when Nissan unveiled the new Sway concept in Geneva, we noted that it seemed like a very likely candidate for production. It now seems that our thinking wasn't just caused by our strong desire for it to be true. In an interview with Automotive News, Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura hinted that the concept might be much more than just what we've seen, even though it was made specifically for Geneva.

Nakamura said that the car's dramatic styling was used intended to wow European crowds, but that it could very well have an appeal to a wider audience. This is the sort of thing you say when you're gauging a response to a car you're considering for production, and we're pleased to hear it said. The same report goes on to say that the Versa Note hatchback will break away from the Versa nameplate to become its own model. This is significant because a redesign is due for 2018, and it is now a very real possibility that styling from the Sway will be incorporated.

Source Credits: www.autonews.com

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