Turns Out The 1,000-HP Lucid Motors Air Can Drift In The Snow

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Your move, Elon Musk.

The Lucid Motors Air is the latest entry in a long line of electric cars that aim to be Tesla killers. Packing 1,000 horsepower and a max range of 400 miles, the Air seems to have the skills to pay the bills. Nothing is official until this car actually gets out on the road, though. Deliveries won't be made for a while, but videos like this should give those who plunked down the cash for a pre-order hope. The short clip shows the Air drifting around a snowy track. You also get to see a bit of the EV's interior as well.

The car is wrapped in camo and the interior looks nothing like the rendering images. Lucid Motors says it's an alpha development model, hence the camouflage and unfinished inside.

Lucid Motors

The automaker says it was testing the Air in northern Minnesota in -18 degree Fahrenheit weather, with the focus on braking systems and vehicle dynamics. Drifting must have also made its way onto the itinerary as well. No word on how the extreme cold affected the Air's battery. Getting 400 miles of range in temperatures that chilly sounds next to impossible.

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