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Turns Out Toyota Underrated The Supra's Horsepower Rating

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No wonder why it felt so fast.

Very few people have actually driven the new Toyota Supra, but this hasn't stopped internet experts from claiming the car isn't powerful enough given that it "only" has 335 horsepower from its 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine. Some Supra enthusiasts are angry that the Z4 has more power, with 382 hp on tap, but Toyota told us it opted for 335 hp because adding more power didn't improve the Supra's lap times. This was a good enough answer for us, but there are still people out there who look at the numbers and can't help but be disappointed with the Supra. Well, we've got some good news for those people because Car and Driver just put the new Supra on a dyno and found that it actually produces more power than advertised.

From the factory, the Supra is rated at 335 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque, good enough for a 0-60 mph run in just 4.1 seconds. But when C&D tested the car, it hit 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds and scooted through the quarter-mile in 12.3 seconds at 113 mph. The BMW Z4 M40i may have more power on paper, but it was also rated at 4.1 seconds to 60 mph before the estimate was later dropped to 3.9 seconds. Hear that Supra haters? The more powerful Z4 is actually one-tenth of a second slower to 60 mph.

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So why is the Supra so much quicker than advertised? On the dyno, it put down 339 hp and 427 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. This is far more than Toyota predicted the car would produce at the crank prior to any drivetrain loss, so it's no wonder why the Supra is so easily able to beat its estimated performance figures. We already know the Z4 M40i is quicker around the Nurburgring than the BMW M2 and with a 0-60 time of just 3.8 seconds, the Supra is already quicker than the more powerful M2 Competition.