Tushek TS 600 Supercar Makes Dynamic Debut

Check out the first video of the new supercar.

Tushek & Speigel, the company behind the Tushek TS 600 supercar, has revealed the first promo video of its latest creation, giving potential buyers the chance to enjoy its engine note and check out its dynamic impact on the track. Full details have yet to be revealed, but the carmaker says the car will come with a power-to-weight ratio of 1hp: 3.55 pounds. A quick calculation tells us the 2,470-pound car will come with 696 hp. And with enough traction the TS 600 should have no trouble arriving at 60 mph in just three seconds.

Production of the car will begin later this year limited to 60 units. Half will be road-going models, half track-only “Pista” variants with an additional 50 horses.

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