TV's Viper Defender Up for Sale

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Anyone looking for some Nineties TV nostalgia? The original Viper Defender from "Viper" is up for sale, though it can't seem to find a buyer.

For anyone who missed "Knight Rider" in the Eighties, the TV show "Viper" premiered a little over a decade later and ran from 1992-1999. Although it was a pretty bad show in terms of acting and plotlines from the get-go, it did feature the original Dodge Viper as well as the battle-ready Viper Defender. The star Viper car was really two machines in one, the Defender being the battle-ready version. And no, it couldn't talk like KITT. Now that original Viper Defender is up for sale on eBay, sans any sort of weapon systems, of course.

The listing claims this car is the actual filming model and not some fan-made replica. The seller also states the Defender has a V8 engine and not the typical Viper V10. Kind of strange but whatever, the Viper Defender still looks great even today. Bidding has now ended without the reserve being met, though the top bid was $174,100. Interestingly, the car was listed at the 2010 Monterey Mecum auction but wasn't sold despite receiving a top bid of $270,000. Honestly, it seems like the seller is asking way too much money for this one-off creation and its star power isn't quite what it used to be, or never was.

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