TVR And Aston Martin Could Soon Be Shacking Up Together In Wales


News keeps trickling in about TVR's revival.

TVR is planning a return with a new range of sports cars. Thanks to a new Cosworth V8 and a design from Gordon Murray, 250 people have already placed deposits for the automaker's new models. Murray is known for his work in Formula One, as well as designing the legendary McLaren F1. The new cars from TVR will be built using carbon fiber and will be far more modern than previous TVR models. TVR has not built cars since the Sagaris ended production back in 2006. The details of TVR's return have trickled out, but we now have some new information.

TVR is rumored to be building a new production facility in Wales. This new facility is apparently only a few miles away from the hangar that will house the production line for Aston Martin's upcoming DBX crossover. TVR had considered moving the brand to Wales when it was owned by Russian entrepreneur Nikolai Smolensky. This deal was axed along with the company itself back in 2013. TVR is now owned by former computer games developer Les Edgar who is attempting to arrange a deal where TVR can build cars in the same hangar as Aston Martin. Official TVR sources declined to comment, but sources say that Wales is clearly the front-runner for TVR production. This is all good news that TVR is really coming back.

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