TVR Just Showed Off Its New Sports Car To Potential Customers

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So, what did the lucky buyers think of the car?

Very little is known about the upcoming sports car from TVR. Wat we do know is that unlike older TVRs, the new car will be full of modern technology and powered by a Cosworth-derived V8 that will produce over 400 hp. This may not be much to go by, but according to Autocar we now have some idea when we will see this new TVR. A goal of early 2019 has been set to launch the car, so there's still some to go. Since the car is about two years away, we might not see a production version for a while, but some lucky customers already have.

TVR took deposits from potential customers, likely brand enthusiasts, who've already decided they want one. 250 people initially gave TVR $7,700 to place a pre-order, although that number may have risen since the initial offering. So far, these customers haven't received anything for their $7,700 except for a guaranteed chance to pay more money, that is until recently. These customers were recently allowed to visit TVR to see the new car in the flesh. However, they were sworn to secrecy until the car is officially revealed to the general public in September. The car was reportedly shown to groups of 30 people who were brought around by company designers and principals over the course of two weekends.

The customers were briefed on the car's specifications and then shown a fully detailed model which was given a "dramatic reveal." Some important information has trickled out from these briefings, including some of the targets that TVR set TVR is aiming for over 400- hp, a sub 1,200 kilogram curb weight (2,645 pounds) and a price below £90,000 ($111,000). We also knew that the car would be able to hit 60 mph in less than 4.0 seconds and top out at over 200 mph. We are now growing more excited about this new TVR, but we will have to wait until September to see more unless one of the customers snuck a hidden camera in to take some spyshots.

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