TVR Plans To Build Proper Sports Cars With New Technology


Hopefully it will work.

TVR is officially back and plans to launch four new models over the next decade that will have new technology. TVR's first model, which should be here within the next two to three years, will be constructed entirely out of carbon fiber. The limited-edition launch will be the automaker's first full production sports car to utilize carbon fiber. Gordon Murray, who is well known for his work in Formula 1 and for the legendary McLaren F1, used his iStream Carbon manufacturing process to create a ground effect aero chassis and body package.

"Historically, carbon fiber has been reserved for motorsport and high-end supercars, but now TVR will be offering customers a slice of that technology at a fraction of the price," stated Chairman of TVR Les Edgar. "The spotlight has been on us from the start, and with the help of Gordon Murray Design and its innovative processes, we have made sure that our new sports car can really shine and deliver beyond expectations." Customers that have ordered the Launch Edition will receive sports cars that are made with the carbon fiber process, while future models will offer the carbon fiber package as an option. TVR's new carbon fiber construction will give it a leg up on the competition.

The carbon fiber and standard composite construction models produced using the iStream method are far more affordable than other carbon fiber constructions and are just as safe. A British sports car that features new cutting edge technology sounds like the perfect way to put TVR back on the map.

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