TVR's Colors Are The Most Insane Of Any Automaker


These colors make Lamborghini look tame.

If you live in America you may not know much about TVR. We haven't had a TVR stateside since the 1980s which means we missed out on awesome models like the Sagaris. TVRs were crazy cars that usually lacked features like ABS, traction control, and airbags. Another thing that made TVRs so mental were the insane paint colors. We think that the paint colors that TVR used were among the craziest of any automaker. Even Lamborghini's paint options look tame when compared to these colors from England's most mental car company.

TVR was well-known for making iridescent colors that change depending on the sun light. Chromaflair and Reflex Spice both show how cool TVR colors can be. Chromaflair has a purple base which changes to a metallic blue when the light hits it. The color looks similar to Ford's Mystichrome but is even cooler on the Sagaris. Reflex Spice is even more unique with an orange base that shifts into a blueish purple. No carmaker currently has a color like this and we think that's a shame. Hopefully when TVR makes its comeback these colors will also make a return.

TVR's iridescent paint colors don't always switch between two different colors. Chameleon Orange alternates between a lighter and a darker orange depending on the light. This gives the car a unique look in photographs and a very exotic flare. TVR also made a Chameleon Green which changes from a turquoise green to a more blueish hue. Chameleon Green was also offered on the Sagaris but was seen on earlier models like the T350.

This final color proves that TVR could make any color exciting. Silver is probably one of the most boring colors that we can think of for a car. However, TVR's Spectraflair Silver might be the most unique on this list. The base color is a boring silver, but the sun creates a wonderful blend of purple reflections that shoot off of the car. If your car is a more unique color than this, we would love to see it. All of these colors show why we are so excited to see TVR make a return.

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