TVR To Launch Budget McLaren 570S-Fighter With A Mustang-Sourced V8

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Aston Martin ain't the only British automaker trying to make a comeback.

If you're an American, your first brush with British sports car marquee TVR may have been during a Project Gotham Racing binge or maybe whilst watching one of Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear reviews of the TVR Sagarias or Tuscan. What you may not know is that the small automaker, which was founded in 1947, was once the third largest specialized sports car manufacturer in the world. What you may also not know (if you've been living under a rock that is) is that TVR is on the cusp of making a comeback.

The small automaker isn't keen on dropping coin for a glamorous Frankfurt reveal, especially since it's been using a thin budget to work on this prototype since 2013 after the company folded in 2006, but come tomorrow it will peel the wraps off its newest sports car in the Goodwood Revival's Earl's Court Motor Show pavilion. TVR has not only posted pictures of its latest prototype, but it's given us a bit of information to work with so we're not totally caught off guard. Typical for TVR, its new self-named "supercar-slayer" will feature a lightweight body and a large engine. The automaker touts a target of 400 horsepower per ton, and Autocar reports that the prototype weighs in at 1,200-1,250 kilograms (2,640-2,750 pounds).

That means the model we'll see unveiled tomorrow should supply around 480 horsepower to its six-speed manual transmission. Horsepower comes from none other than the same 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 we see in the Ford Mustang. To keep weight down with the large eight-cylinder lump weighing things down, TVR has stripped out the interior and fitted the car's bones with a carbon fiber body. Despite having a power-to-weight ratio on par with a McLaren 570S, the British automaker will charge less than £90,000 ($117,882) for the complete package. So no, it won't exactly be cheap, but as a track toy for raw thrill-seekers, it's already garnered quite a waiting list. Check in tomorrow to see if getting on that list was worth it.

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