TVR To Relaunch With Cosworth V8 And Gordon Murray Design


The historic British company is back from the dead after almost 10 years.

Yes, we've heard this before, but this time it seems to be the real deal. With new ownership and some impressive partnerships already set up, British automaker TVR plans to roar back to life as early as 2017, with its first model to be presented by the end of 2015. According to the company's new backers, the defunct company will eventually roll out four new sports cars, all guided by the same philosophy that led the company in the past (minus those infamous build quality issues). The company will also return to its former factory in Blackpool.

According to Autocar, the first model will be a two-seat sports car featuring a Cosworth-developed n/a dry-sumped V8, RWD and, most likely, a six-speed manual. Its exterior will be characterized by a Gordon Murray-designed body package and ground effect aero chassis. The company promises competitive pricing within the segment, and says this model will be the first of four in its detailed 10-year plan, reaching production numbers of 1000 to 1500 units per year. Though the first model will be similar in dimensions to the company's deceased Sagaris and Tuscan, the all-new models will share no common components with past designs. Expect prices to start somewhere around £60,000 ($92,000).

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