TVR Turns Up At London Motor Show To NOT Reveal Its Next Car

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It did showcase a sweet piece of preview art, though.

The news coming out of the TVR camp has been quite promising as of late. We know there's some serious brains and technical know-how going into the car (courtesy of a Cosworth-fettled V8 and Gordon Murray's revolutionary iStream production process), and that these new sports cars will be built at the same site where Aston Martin will be setting up shop for the DBX SUV. Plus, there's a serious amount of interest in the car from people who actually want to buy one. As of March 2016, 350 deposits have been placed for this upcoming two-seater sports car.

You'll forgive us, then, for getting really excited after finding out TVR would be revealing the car for the first time at this year's London Motor Show.

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At last, we get to gawp at the carbon-fiber coupe in all its glory, and possibly even get a glimpse of the Cosworth-reworked Ford Coyote V8 that shut down the dyno during testing due to its higher-than-expected torque output! Except that's not actually the case – the car's shape is being displayed at the TVR stand, but only in clay model form. And it's literally being kept under closely guarded wraps, behind a barricade of barriers and TVR representatives, so don't expect to find any sneaky peaks or photos of this sports car clay model anytime soon.

Still, at least we have an idea as to what the proportions will be. Given the whole talk of bringing TVR back to its roots when the revival venture was first announced, it's no surprise that it employs the same long hood, cab-backward shape with the tapering roofline that featured on so many old TVR sports cars - ranging from the very first TVR model, the pint-sized Grantura (pictured below), all the way to the far larger, muscular and utterly crazy Sagaris that we thought not so long ago would be the last ever TVR to enter production. We've no idea how it'll look in production form, but the outline of this under-drapes shape certainly gets our approval at the moment.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the shape of the new TVR, we actually have a very good idea of what the front end of the car will look like, courtesy of a piece of preview art fashioned by TVR's design team out of drafting tape.

With a combination of an angular, vertical headlight display and trapezoidal grille, the racy sports coupe has a front end that, to our eyes, looks like a mash-up of the TVR Project 7/12 and Peugeot Onyx concept cars; a combination that shouldn't work but seems to have been pulled off remarkably well. Plus, the fact this 2017MY TVR is flanked in the artwork by two Tuscan variants may be a not-so-subtle hint at what this new car will eventually be called. The word on the street also suggests we'll be hearing much more about the new TVR very soon indeed. An exclusive preview event will be held later this year, allowing the 350 or so deposit holders to see the car they placed a $7,000+ order on for the very first time.

So don't be surprised if some sneaky hidden camera shots turn up shortly afterwards. We should also expect to see development mules cropping up on UK roads soon and, given TVR chairman Les Edgar made his fortune in the video game industry, we wouldn't be surprised if the new TVR will have some tie-up with a big-budget racing game to coincide with the car's launch. Either way, we'll be keeping a very close eye on what this reborn TVR will be up to in the near future.


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