TVR Will Take V8 And EV Griffith Models Global

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TVR will be going head-to-head with the mighty Porsche 911.

There used to be a big metaphorical question mark hanging over TVR's head, but the owner and CEO, Les Edgar, has now provided a roadmap for the embattled British manufacturer.

It's famous for building some of the gnarliest cars in automotive history. Every model from the early 2000s was essentially two seats covered by a plastic shell, powered by a glorious 4.0-liter inline six. The only driver aids were the steering wheel and the brakes, sans ABS. TVR eventually went bust, most likely because its customer base died in a blaze of glory.

TVR is coming back in 2024 with a new V8 Griffith, followed by a Griffith EV. According to Autocar, these halo models will eventually be joined by an electric sedan and the obligatory SUV.


Considering the competition it faces, it's easy to dismiss the upcoming Griffith as a non-starter. Apart from the various sports cars available in the $100,000 to $150,000 price bracket, it will inevitably face the mighty Porsche 911.

But you might not know about TVR's secret weapon, called Gordon Murray. Murray started designing the Griffith in 2014, and the prototype was finished by 2017. The upcoming ICE car will be virtually identical to said prototype, powered by the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 used in the Ford Mustang. In the TVR, it will produce between 450 to 500 horsepower and will be mated to a six-speed automatic.

"We have always had the right car for the relaunch, the concept engineered by Gordon Murray and ready to be built using his innovative production practices. All the feedback is clear that it is the right product for us to build on TVR's 75-year history," said Edgar.

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TVR also has enough cash to start working on the cars that will follow the V8 Griffith. Here TVR has another ace up its sleeve. One of its primary investor partners is the owner of a lithium mining company, Ensorcia Metals. The CEO of Ensorcia Metals, Jim Berriman, spoke about TVR's production facility. TVR is in the final stages of signing a lease in Wales, and setting up the factory will be easy. It will be the first factory to use Gordon Murray's revolutionary iStream production process.

"The key to our assembly process is that it can be set up very quickly, but all our decisions have to be taken with the longer-term plans for the firm in mind. The UK will always be the center of this brand, but we expect to be agile enough to look at production in other locations as we seek to expand our plans globally," said Berriman.


That reads like a confirmation that TVR is coming to the USA. Whether the market will respond positively remains to be seen. Some people don't want a 911 simply because it's the obvious choice.

The Griffith EV will be built on the same Gordon Murray-designed platform, but TVR is currently shopping for an EV skateboard for its next-generation models. According to TVR, it's currently in talks with a "highly established, world-leading" partner.

TVR will handle sales via an online platform that will be expanded to take international orders. It will focus on the UK first to build up some hype, after which it will go for world domination.


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