Twenty-Something Guy Turns Beautiful Rolls-Royce Into Something Mental

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This is after modifying a bonkers Mazda RX-7 when was still a teenager.

It's something so terrible it's great. This test drive is both hilarious and scary. Just about anything could happen, and yet somehow this thing is road legal, though it probably shouldn't be. Introducing the first and very likely only "Trolls Royce," built by none other than Corbin Goodwin. You may remember him from his previous bat shit crazy creation a few years ago, the "Zero Fucks Given RX7." After selling it (twice), he moved on to his next project, which began with a 1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II.

It's still powered by the original 6.75-liter V8, but just about everything else, mechanically speaking, has been modified. Its original transmission was ripped out in favor of a Ford Super Duty pickup truck manual gearbox.

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Instead of a highway rolling cloud-like ride, Corbin added a performance suspension. Perhaps its absolute weirdest new feature is a trunk-mounted radiator, complete with external plumbing. Why is that? Because Corbin needed to fit the new intercooled turbocharger somewhere up front. Priorities. Matt Farah, who first found Corbin and his crazy RX-7 four years ago or so, now has his turn behind the wheel.

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