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Twin-Turbo Ferrari 348 Challenge is the Perfect Prancing Horse Tuner


Rare Ferrari race car taken to 610 hp is beautifully put together.

This 1994 Ferrari 348 Challenge was one of just 32 original factory race cars that left Maranello. When Stacey Slead bought it, you would have forgiven him for restoring the super-rare Prancing Horse to factory spec. Instead, he, along with Steve Maxwell of Maxwell’s Exotic Car Service in California, took #10 and turned it into a beast. Adding twin-turbo’s to the 3.4-liter V8, the guys managed to generate 610 hp, which was then sent to the tarmac via a six-speed gearbox taken from the 355 Challenge.

A host of other modifications were made and the build quality is simply stunning. Check out the flamespitting Ferrari here.

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