Twin-Turbo Gallardo Sets World Record Quarter-Mile

Underground Racing's twin-turbo Superleggera posts an incredible trap time at the drag strip.

As far as Lamborghini tuning goes, one name stands above the rest: Underground Racing. The North Carolina-based outfit is known for twin-turbocharging Gallardos, and now the team has just broken into the 8-second range on a quarter-mile run. The twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera seen in the following teaser clip was built for owner Roy Hofman. The world record quarter-mile he put down was an incredible 8.35 seconds at a speed of 181mph.

The Gallardo apparently handles well enough on the street with 1,100 hp on ordinary pump gas, but churns out over 1,750 hp at the wheels running on racing fuel. Its claimed 1.5-second 0-60 run is enough to make a Veyron blush, but don't expect the high-strung engine to last long.

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