Twin-Turbo Huracan Narrowly Avoids Drag Strip Disaster At Yas Marina

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The driver of this tuned Huracan is definitely going to need a change of underwear after this close call.

About the only safe place to drive a twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan with (potentially) 900 horsepower is at a race track or drag strip. But sometimes such a powerful beast can't be safely operated in these controlled environments. In this clip the aforementioned tuned Huracan almost gives the wall at the Yas Marina drag strip a big ole kiss. Fortunately the guy behind the wheel is able to pull the supercar back from the brink of destruction. The lone onlooker, the guy who kicked the race off, throws up his hands in shock at what he's just witnessed.

As for the guy behind the wheel, well he doesn't say anything at all. We imagine a few four-letter words were blaring through his brain, though.

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The video description is light on details but there is a screen displaying track details at the end of the clip. Is the humidity somehow to blame? Water in the air can rob a car of its power but this Huracan is AWD-the front end design gives it away-so it shouldn't have any problem with a semi-slick surface. We could sit here and play armchair drag racing expert all day but won't. We'll leave that to you guys. Let us know what you think went wrong.

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