Drag Race

Twin-Turbo Lambo/Viper Showdown

Twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo and Dodge Viper, with almost 2,500 hp between them, sprint the strip in a devastatingly close race.

It's no coincidence that the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Dodge Viper are two of the only cars on the market with V10 engines: Chrysler owned Lamborghini at the time of the Gallardo's development, and made a V10 of its own for the Viper. Ten cylinders might be more than enough for most, but the recent Texas Invitational Fall 2012 Roll Race event featured a drag race between twin-turbocharged versions of both. The RSI Viper packs a massive 1,150 horsepower, while the Dallas Performance Gallardo by churns out even more with 1,300 horsepower at the wheel.

We've run plenty of drag races, but none are as close as this. In fact it comes down to a photo finish with only the width of a front lip spoiler separating the two awesome sportscars. Check out the video to see which manages to snatch the spoils.

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