Two and a Half Men and a Fisker Karma

Now we know how Walden Schmidt picks up chicks. He woos them with his... $100K Fisker Karma.

You see Ashton Kutcher, or rather his character Walden Schmidt, is an internet billionaire and has eccentric taste. He drives a $96,000 Fisker Karma. The Karma is a plug-in sedan that features two driving modes and is a true green sports car.

The car will be a recurring staple on the program and the suprising part of its appointment is that not a penny was exchanged between Fisker and CBS. The car company from California was contacted by the producers of the hit show in regards to the use of a Karma on their program. Karma readily agreed, as it is one of the most watched shows in America. Check out the latest episode of "Two and a Half Men" to see the Karma in action.

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