Two Artists Graffiti A Massive Alfa Romeo Stelvio Onto A Building In LA

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With 18 million people in the region, how many do you think will care for a good-looking SUV?

Los Angeles is the car capital of the nation. That's because the city limits contain 3.8 million people while 18.6 million live within the Greater Los Angeles Area. All of them are subject to an urban design that was drawn up after the car had become a mainstay in American culture, making it incredibly hard to go anywhere without one (although travel can be slow even with a car in LA). It's this need for cars, and the city's affinity with showing off, that prompted Alfa Romeo to show its new Stelvio off to LA.

From afar, the paint job looks so good that it may as well be a billboard. Time lapse videos can be misleading, but it appears to have taken the artists a short amount of time to paint the mural given how large it is.

The feat is impressive, but more telling is Alfa Romeo's approach to the advertisement. In it, there are no catchy slogans, no lifestyle images, just one sexy Italian car and a winding road. This banks on two main selling points, one being the driver. The Stelvio is intended as an "SUV for the S curves," and its name and the image definitely support that. On the other hand, its good looks, magnified and looming over comparatively insignificant looking BMW X and Mercedes GLE SUVs, are plastered on the wall in hopes that attention-seeking Angelenos will bite the bait.

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