Two Classic Mustangs Destroyed In High-Speed Police Chase

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This isn't easy to watch.

If you think you've had a bad day, a Southern California resident's story about a police chase ending in his driveway will have you feeling considerably more grateful. Going only by the name NickW762 - we'll call him Nick, to keep things simple - he posted a video of the depressing tale on Reddit.

Essentially, police were in pursuit of an unknown individual in a pickup truck in the early hours of the morning on November 5 when the truck driver lost control and crashed into not one but three of Nick's vehicles. Rubbing further salt in the wound is that two of those cars were classic Mustangs parked on either side of a trailer beneath car covers.

The action was all caught on the owner's surveillance camera mounted above his garage. The two Mustangs were a 1964.5 coupe and a 1967 convertible, while the third of Nick's vehicles to be badly damaged appears to be a Chevy pickup. Many details of the story remain unknown, such as the extent of the injuries that the driver of the speeding truck sustained and the value of the Mustangs, especially considering the high prices that these classics can go for.

Nick says that although he can't recall hearing the crash, he did feel the house shaking as he awoke and assumed it was an earthquake. That was until he spotted the cop car lights and heard shouting, which made it clear that something else had happened in front of his house.


Even worse, his insurance will only be covering two of the damaged vehicles, although it's not clear if this applies to both Mustangs or not. Believe it or not, it all could have ended even more badly. One, because nobody besides the speeding driver was hurt and two, because a red Chevrolet Camaro parked behind Nick's pickup was mere inches from being damaged as well.

On the positive side - if there is one to this story - at least it wasn't another bad Mustang driver that caused a mangled mess.

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