Two Designers Built The Perfect Car That Is A Ute And A Shooting Brake

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Unfortunately, Volkswagen had nothing to do with this concept.

If we were in charge of Volkswagen, our priorities would be to build awesome models like the 400 horsepower Golf that it promised to build. Unfortunately, after the dieselgate scandal, VW's priority will be to build boring SUV and EV models that will (hopefully) sell well. However, if we worked for the company, we would try to build a cool new version of the Rabbit pickup, bring the Amarok pickup truck to the US market, or import the Scirocco. Luckily, two former VW design interns have done exactly what we have dreamed about and created the perfect VW.

Valentin Fuchs and Pierre Joveneaux

The two designers, Valentin Fuchs and Pierre Joveneaux, call their creation the Volkswagen Varok. The pair say it's a "No Compromise Pick-Up For [The] Australian Market." The Varok takes inspiration from other Australian utes like the Ford Falcon and Holden Maloo. The concept features a two-door design with an open bed behind the passenger area. There is also a removable cover which turns the ute into a shooting brake. With the cover on, the rear area becomes an enclosed space which can house rear seats and a trunk area. The Varok sounds like the perfect combination to us, almost like a classic Ford Brono which had a removable rear section. Unfortunately, VW will almost certainly never build it.

Fuchs and Joveneaux decided to call their design a Volkswagen, but the German brand had nothing to do with commissioning this project. This happens all the time with design students who want to show off their talent, and this is one of the rare cases where we wish the manufacturer would actually build the design study. A half-ute, half-shooting brake Volkswagen sounds like one of the most perfect things in the world, and we want to see it reach production.

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