Two Drunk And Stoned BMW Workers Cause 40-Minute Production Stoppage


Crazy Germans. Can't control 'em these days.

Germany is known for its economic power, production and efficiency, while still providing its citizens a proper work-life balance. Yet a couple of BMW production line employees decided to blend some of life's pleasures with work. According to Bimmerpost and first reported by the German language outlet (based in BMW's hometown of Munich), these two BMW workers were so drunk and stoned on the job that plant managers had no choice but to shut down production for 40 minutes. That's a lot of time for any assembly line.

They also called EMT emergency doctors to sort their employees out. That's how incapacitated the duo were, and both ended up being taken to the hospital. Apparently, this happened earlier this month at the facility that builds 3 Series sedans, wagons, and M4s. Don't think for a second this was a minor incident without any financial harm. It wasn't. A BMW spokesperson stated "The damage amounts to an average five-digit amount." Forty minutes taken out of a finely tuned assembly line schedule adds up, plain and simple. This was the first time in BMW's history something like this has ever happened with two employees being drunk and stoned and incapable of working.

Their lives, as well as those of their sober co-workers, could have been in jeopardy. Operating heavy machinery and being drunk and stupid (also stoned) is not recommended. Herr Beavis and Butthead's future employment with BMW remains uncertain.


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