Two Eras Of Porsche Carrera GT Together on the Same Country Road

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Didn't know there was more than one?

The Carrera GT nameplate is quite a bit older than people realize, and is nearly as old as the Porsche marque itself. The first cars to bear the name were built in 1957 and 1958 and were essentially racing versions of the 356 with parts borrowed from the 550 racers and sold only for homologation purposes. The next incarnation of the nameplate would use a far more unexpected car as its base, but one which still managed to impress.

The 924, which first debuted in 1976, was not Porsche's finest moment. It's true that this era wasn't great for most performance cars, but the 924 still borrowed entirely too liberally from the VW parts bin, and many felt it polluted the brand. But when homologation versions were built so that Porsche could race them at Le Mans in 1980, the car became a real Porsche. Just 400 of these were built, and only 15 were the top-tier 270-horsepower Clubsport versions. The car pictured is one of these, and is for sale now for $354,141. Though the newer Carrera GTs usually go for more than that, it's one amazingly valuable 924.

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