Two Final Edition Koenigseggs Will End The Agera Lineage

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Don't even ask how much it cost to put that unique rear wing on the "Agera Thor."

It's taken Koenigsegg seven years to make all 50 Ageras that it'll take to complete the supercar's production run, which includes the One:1 and RS, but there's just a couple left to build before it moves on to the Regera. It should be well-known that automakers large and small suffer from nostalgia and Koenigsegg is no exception. In order to send off its final two Ageras with proper due, it will build them as individualized special edition models for two lucky customers, Dan and Marc.

Along with having easy names to spell, Dan and Marc are fortunate individuals because they have amassed enough wealth to purchase enough supercars to amount to enviable collections. It's no surprise then that these experts of speed want the best and most rare vehicles that this world has to offer, so they've turned to Koenigsegg and commissioned special one-offs. Dan has ordered his seven-figure supercar so that it can join two other Ageras he has in his garage, one being the first in the production run and another being a special edition version called "DRAKEN." His new Agera, which he's nicknamed Thor, will be the last in the production run and feature unique exterior body pieces.

That includes a shark fin placed atop the rear engine deckled and a patterned trim that gives off a carbon fiber appearance to allow the paint's White Exposed Carbon and Exposed Black Carbon trim names make sense. On the other hand, Marc has called his Agera "Vader" and given it a dark sinister color scheme to lend comparisons to the Star Wars villain. Both Ageras get the exotic-looking rear wing previously seen on the Agera X twins. No mention has been made in reference to when these supercars will make it to their owners' garages, but at least the two buyers have indulged our fascination with their cars by posting pictures of them to Instagram.

One thing we do want to know is whether or not these guys have already put down orders for special edition Regeras. If you're already this far in the supercar collecting game, why not push it further?


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