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Two Firsts: The Sound Of The Ferrari 488 GTB And A Look At The 488 GTS

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You'll be pleased to discover this twin-turbo V8 sounds just like a Ferrari should.

After seeing the Ferrari 488 GTB on the Geneva show floor, it’s time to listen to Maranello’s latest mid-engined V8-powered creation rumble. Those that were worried the twin turbos would make for a subdued exhaust note will be glad to see and hear the new model sounds just as a Ferrari should. We’re not sure why the 488 GTB was under wraps, but the convertible variant, set to be called either the 488 GTS (S for Spider, instead of B for Berlinetta) or simply the 488 Spider, can now be seen for the first time.

We’re expecting a folding hardtop mechanism as per the 458 Spider, and a soundtrack just as sweet as its hardtop sibling's.

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