Two Ford GTs Were Pulled Over For Doing 101 MPH And Got Off Scot-Free


No, the Blue Oval didn't "donate" to the police department...we think.

Do you ever wonder how test drivers keep themselves in line when they’re out on public roads? How do you resist stomping on the gas pedal when the road clears and you’re behind the wheel of a Ford GT prototype? Well, you don’t. The key is to not get caught, which is something these GT test drivers failed to do. According to Vail Daily, a Colorado state trooper spotted a trio of drivers out testing Ford’s new supercar and clocked two of them doing 101 mph; the third was only doing 50 mph.

The three cars drove on for another 30 miles before being pulled over. Now at this point it seems like an open and shut case, right? You got two cars on radar doing 101 mph after all. Well, not so fast. VailDaily reports that the case has been dropped because prosecutors decided it would be too difficult to prove which of the three cars was speeding. “There would have been no way to identify which two of the three were doing the speeding. There was no way we could prove beyond a reasonable doubt which two of the three were speeding,” assistant district attorney Heidi McCollum said. Ford was really lucky here. If it hadn’t been testing a pack of cars then it would have been slapped with a very embarrassing ticket.

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If anything this story should be a lesson to automakers. Drop the solo test drives and crazy camo. Test drivers will then be able to open things up without fear of reprisal from the long arm of the law. Police photos by Randy Wyrick for the Vail Daily.