Two Hellcats And A Viper Smoke Up The Atmosphere In Three-Way Tug Of War

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Colored tire compound makes it so that this competition is somehow even more dramatic.

If there's one thing that Dodge should get heaps of credit for, it's the fact that out of all of America's Big Three automakers, it's done the best job of preserving the spirit of the original American muscle car. The Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro are muscle cars in every sense of the phrase, but both have gone the mainstream route, eschewing their raw personalities to become more palatable for worldwide markets. Not so with Dodge, or at least when it comes to the Challenger and Charger Hellcat.

It's not the fact that both of those cars produce 707 horsepower, it's that Dodge didn't do a thing to try and make them better at turning corners more quickly than their less powerful siblings. Straight line performance is the only thing that matters here. Well, that and smoky burnouts of course.

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The Roadkill Nights event at Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan was witness to one of the most epic burnouts we've seen. To pull it off, three of Dodge's most powerful cars got together, a Viper and the two aforementioned Hellcats, and a three way tug of war commenced. To make the experience more colorful, as if needed to be any more awe-inspiring, the two Hellcats are wearing tires with colored compounds to brighten up the smoke. The Challenger has red tire compound and the Charger emits a hue of blue, leaving the Viper spewing regular white tire smoke to make the most 'Murrica burnout you've ever seen.

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