Two Legendary Supercars Battle It Out In A Drag Race

Incredible supercar sounds ensue.

There are supercars and then there are supercars like thePorsche Carrera GT and Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. The Carrera GT was Porsche’sattempt at a modern supercar and went up against the likes of the Ferrari Enzo fora spot on any enthusiasts’ wall. With its howling 5.7-liter V10, the Carrera GTmade 605 hp and could get to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. On the other hand, the 599GTB isn’t a track monster but the ultimate cruiser. With its 611-hp V12 the 599GTB can complete the 60 mph sprint in 3.3 seconds. So this drag race should beextremely close.

When two incredible supercars like this get together, musicis made. Sweet, joyous music that makes us want to sell a kidney.

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