Two 'Maids' Show Us The Only Correct Way To Buy A Koenigsegg

Went to the grocery store, ended up at the Koenigsegg factory. Oops.

You may remember our funnyman friend Boosted Boris from his last car-related comedy skit where he hired a Nurburgring taxi to drive him around the Green Hell to see how many Pokémon he could collect. He’s once again up to his baller antics, and this time he’s recruited the help of automotive YouTube star Shmee, and as it seems, one of Christian Von Koenigsegg’s own employees. Here, Boris instructs what we presume to be his maids (probably not) to go buy some eggs. Instead, the “maids” end up at the Koenigsegg factory.

The err in translation occurs when Shmee redirects them the way a car geek would by thinking the word “egg” is just another slang word for Koenigsegg. While slightly sexist Boris may not have liked the result, we'd love it if our cooks brought back supercars instead of supper.

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