Street Race

Two Monster GT-Rs Hit the Streets at Night

A combined output of over 3,000 hp lets rip after dark.

Seeing one 1,500-hp Nissan GT-R on the street is rare enough. So get ready for a serious treat as two of the most powerful Godzillas we've ever seen duke it out at night on a stretch of highway. The Cranberry GT-R is rated at over 1,600 hp and comes with a SPE Godzilla turbo kit, a SPE Spec Sonny Bryant 4.1, and Stage 4 Trans, Syvecs ECU and runs on E98 gas. The Blackbird GT-R is good for over 1,500 hp, and sports a 10:1 compression 3.8-liter unit, Boost logic 6466 turbo kit, Shep stage 4 trans and runs on E85 fuel.

Check them out on the street as they blast to 180 mph in a blink of an eye.

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