Two More Brands Pull Out Of 2019 Geneva Motor Show

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Bringing the total number of absentees to four.

Auto Shows are a great opportunity for media and consumers to check out the latest automotive reveals all in one place. In recent years, however, many automakers have declined to attend these shows because they aren't worth the financial investment. Volkswagen Chairman Dr. Herbert Diess has even said traditional auto shows are dead. And he could be right.

With the 2019 Geneva Motor Show just a few months away, some automakers have begun to reveal what they'll be bringing to the show, while others are announcing they'll be skipping the show altogether. According to Autocar, Jaguar Land Rover is the latest carmaker to announce it won't be at the Swiss expo next March.

The announcement came from a JLR spokesperson who confirmed that both brands are "looking at the effectiveness of each motor show individually," making Jaguar and Land Rover the third and fourth brands to announce their absence from Geneva. Ford claimed the timing of the show did not fit its schedule and was not good value for money while Volvo said it wants to focus on hosting its own unique events to reach customers.

This move is likely part of JLR's plan to cut costs and improve cash flows as the company grapples with Brexit uncertainty, tariff threats, a market slowdown in China, and decreased demand for diesel cars. Interestingly, even though Jaguar and Land Rover won't be at Geneva, JLR's parent company Tata will still attend with a larger display.

Geneva is typically one of the most important auto shows with groundbreaking reveals, so perhaps JLR simply didn't have any new models worth revealing. Land Rover already revealed the all-new Range Rover Evoque and the upcoming Jaguar XE facelift wouldn't be groundbreaking enough for an appearance. We doubt JLR will be the last automaker to pull out of Geneva, and while some would signal this as the slow demise of auto show they are still massively popular with the public so we think they'll be around for many years to come.

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