Two New Porsche 911 Models Coming Next Week

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New models will be unveiled via Porsche's 9:11 Magazine web TV channel.

The ongoing pandemic has forced the world's leading automakers to employ some fresh thinking in launching new models to the world. So, while automotive journalists and fans will miss the opportunity to smell the leather and ooh and aah in unison with hundreds of others, Porsche has announced an innovative digital presentation of two new 911 models. It will be the first time that the German manufacturer announces new releases to the world in this format.

The unveiling of the new models will be done via Porsche's 9:11 Magazine in a series of three episodes, beginning with episode 1 on May 18. The episodes will not only cover the technical highlights of each model but also delve into their historical backgrounds. Most recently, the Turbo S Coupe and Turbo S Cabriolet joined the 992 range, and we're waiting with bated breath to see what the newest additions are. Two likely possibilities include the drop-top Targa 4 - that can be seen multiple times in the following teaser video - and the race-bred GT3, both of which have been spotted in a series of spy photos over the last few months.

Last month, the all-new GT3 was spied at the Nurburgring sporting an enormous rear wing, centrally-mounted tailpipes, a ducktail spoiler, and unique hood vents. We're hoping that the virtual reveal will include what should be the most exciting 992 yet. But that doesn't dim the appeal of the all-new Targa 4, which has always carved its own stylistic place within the 911 range.

Earlier this year, the faster GTS version was spotted testing in the snow in Northern Sweden. The two new 911s, whatever they are, will be revealed over the course of three episodes.

Episode 1 will be the global premiere of the first all-new 911 model, with a breakdown of the sports car's updated features by Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, Vice President Model Lines 911 and 718. He will be joined by Porsche ambassadors like racing driver Jorg Bergmeister. On May 26, episode 2 will showcase the second new 911, which is described as a limited edition model. The last episode will air on June 2, which is a more thorough examination of the special edition 911.

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"Porsche stands for pioneering spirit," said Dr. Sebastian Rudolph, Vice President Communications. "And it is precisely this innovative force that is now in demand more than ever in these coronavirus-affected times. For this world premiere, we are forging a new path and will present two new sports car models to the public - exclusively in digital format for the very first time. The unveiling will be authentic, informative, and surprising - only as you would expect from Porsche. It will be from a distance, and yet closer than ever - practically in your living room."

While nothing can match experiencing a new Porsche in the metal, we're quite intrigued by what the 9:11 Magazine web channel has in store in just a few days. The 992-generation 911 has already blown us away with its all-round capability, and while the bread-and-butter Carrera is all the sports coupe that anyone could ever need, we can't wait to see what the latest special edition 911 has in store.

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