Two Nissan Concepts Have Been Crushed To Death

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The unique design studies have been crushed at a site in Nashville.

Over the past few decades, we have come to understand that Nissan loves to put together a concept car. The upcoming Nissan Z benefitted from its very own prototype model as somewhat of a preview for the official car, which didn't deviate from the design all too much. As a means to get us all excited for its all-electric future, it also unveiled four interesting EVs ranging from a lifestyle truck to a sleek sportscar.

Unfortunately, not all of its concept cars get approved for production. One example of this that we're all still really depressed about is the decision to put the IDx Concept to bed. This was set to be the brand's entry-level rear-wheel-drive sportscar as somewhat of a successor to the Datsun 510 but due to its likelihood to have low-profit margins, the project was abandoned.

Foreign Market Car Sightings/Facebook Foreign Market Car Sightings/Facebook Foreign Market Car Sightings/Facebook

We all might wonder what exactly happens to a concept car once it has been shown to the public at a motor show. Some special units get preserved in museums while others are auctioned off to collectors who can stomach the usually massive asking price. Unfortunately, there are a few that are simply just destroyed due to them no longer serving a functional purpose.

An example of this is the destruction of these two revolutionary concepts that met their demise at a wrecking yard in Nashville, Tennessee. As published on the Foreign Market Car Sightings Facebook group, the images show the 2002 Nissan Quest and 2007 Nissan Bevel covered in dirt and dust on the lot as they wait to be crushed.

Foreign Market Car Sightings/Facebook Foreign Market Car Sightings/Facebook Foreign Market Car Sightings/Facebook

As sourced by The Drive, Nissan USA confirmed that these two models were part of its heritage collection but due to the deterioration of their condition, the decision was made to just throw them away.

"Two vehicles were kept for a long time in the automaker's heritage collection; however, their condition had deteriorated ... [We] kept them around as long as we could," a spokesperson for Nissan USA revealed.

If you're thinking about purchasing the two units, we're sorry to let you know that they have already been put out of commission courtesy of the crusher, as you can see in the image below.

Foreign Market Car Sightings/Facebook Nissan Nissan Nissan

The Nissan Bevel took to the stage at the 2007 North American International Auto Show as a stylish panel van designed specifically for middle-aged men who need to carry tools. It was understood that the ideal owner would be driving alone 90% of the time. It never saw the light of day but some of its design ideas were applied to production models.

The Nissan Quest Concept, which was displayed at the 2002 North American International Auto Show, is a car that came into fruition as the V42-generation MPV built in Canton, Mississippi until 2009. For the final product, the designers drastically reduced the amount of glass, downsized the 20-inch wheels and applied some other more functional adjustments.

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Source Credits: The Drive

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