Two Supercar Thieves Busted When Lamborghini Getaway Car Catches Fire

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Not exactly the best time for a Lambo to have its Italian car meltdown.

Due to its gruesome nature, self-immolation is rarely used as a means of protest, but when it is it's typically done to dramatically bring attention to some malady going on in the world. In this case, one Italian car felt it was suffering from bad treatment when two teens, 18-year-old William Caston and 19-year-old Dez Montayevian Bell, assaulted its underpaid valet caretaker and took the Lamborghini for a joy ride. CBS Dallas repots that the robbery occurred on the 500 block of South Lamar Street in Dallas, Texas on August 20th.

Thanks to clear skies, a police helicopter was able to to spot the Lambo shortly after it was taken and called on Dallas County Sheriffs for help in the pursuit. For whatever reason-maybe the fact it's an Italian car being the only good reason-the Lamborghini broke down on the side of Interstate 45 mid-pursuit. By the time the cops caught up to it, the supercar had caught fire and was in the process of converting itself from mid-engine dream machine to ash. It didn't take long for the cops to catch up to the two teens, who were then arrested and put in jail. Caston was booked for theft and robbery charges while Bell, the driver in this scenario, was charged with robbery and evading in a vehicle.

While it comes to us as no surprise that yet another Lamborghini has killed itself in a fit of fiery passion, a few things about this case remain unclear. The first is the model of Lamborghini that was stolen. Perhaps the remains were so badly charred that it was impossible to tell, but it would be nice to know which Lambo isn't as pursuit-ready as we thought it would be. The other mystery to solve is what caused the fire. Was it the Lamborghini, aggressive and abusive driving, or both? In either case, we're sure these two young wannabe racing drivers had the ride of their lives before getting shipped off to jail. On the other hand, this makes the second time in two weeks a "borrowed" Lambo has been destroyed.

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