Drag Race

Two Underground Racing Lambos Race the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R

Three of the fastest cars in the world fight it out in a simulated street racing event.

The Texas Speed Syndicate recently held their simulated street racing event where some of the quickest cars in the US come to do battle in the King of the Street competition.

Naturally Underground Racing turned up, bringing with them not one, but two twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera to race in the 1500+ WHP category. Their rival was the murdered-out AMS Nissan GTR 'Alpha Omega' Package, one of the most monstrous Godzillas on the planet that recently managed a 233mph top speed and a quarter mile of 8.6 seconds thanks to its whopping 1,601 all-wheel horsepower. How do you fancy its chances against a pair of well-tuned Lambos?

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