Two-Year Tuning Job Transforms Mazda3 into Convertible Spaceship

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Crazy ricer spends best part of two years murdering a Mazda3 for his own amusement.

In recent times the ricers that have emerged from China have done the emerging superpower proud, but this particular model must surely go down as being the pinnacle of the country's extreme tuning projects. Based on a last-generation Mazda3, the transformation you see before you is the result of two years' worth of upgrades and modifications undertaken in the city of Cixi in Zhejiang Province by a local guy who clearly had more time on his hands than most.

Now a local hero, the man behind the radical ricing job began by lobbing off the roof and removing two of the doors. A fat body kit was then added along with Lambo-style scissor doors making the Mazda almost unrecognizable from any angle, save the front. Inspiration for the rear came from the Lamborghini Diablo. Finally, the interior was given a complete overhaul and comes equipped with an assortment of LCDs, speakers and other gadgets that are as distracting for the driver as the car is for other drivers on the road; especially when those multi-colored headlights are flicked on.

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