Uber Adds Jon Olsson's Gumball 3000 RS6 To Its Stockholm Fleet


Why would anyone take a taxi when this is an option?

The taxi drivers of Stockholm are going to be pissed off when May 15 rolls around. That day will see Jon Olsson, Betsafe and Uber team up to offer the latter's customers a chance to ride in the pro skier's Gumball 3000 Audi RS6 wagon. Since it's Olsson we're talking about, you know this car is insanely modified. We covered the laundry list of mods made earlier, so all you really need to know is that there's 950 horsepower on tap (1,000 horsepower if racing fuel is used).

Olsson will actually be ferrying real passengers around, which means he won't be able to go nuts. Still, sitting in traffic inside a bonkers RS6 isn't the same as sitting in traffic in a Camry.

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