Uber Adds Supercars To Singapore Fleet: Island Taxi Industry Screwed

How can old Toyotas compete with Lamborghinis and Maseratis?

Singapore is known for its wealth of supercars, and now you can add “supercar taxis” to that list. Uber has partnered with Dream Drive, a company that rents out supercars on the island, to allow its users to request either a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or Maserati GranTurismo Coupe. When the service first rolled out it was offered at the incredible promotion price of free. But it’ll now cost you a pretty penny to take a supercar from A to B.

How much are we talking about, here? Well, just requesting the Lamborghini runs $200 while the Maserati clocks in at $165. Both give you a free 15 minutes to ride, and after that you are charged $7 per minute. The service should help Dream Drive boost business and is a great promo tool for Uber. No word yet on whether you can take an UberPool in the Maserati.

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