Uber Continues Limited Ride Themes With NYC "Force Friday" Hellcats

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The Force is strong with Uber.

So in case you missed the recent opportunity to ride around in a Mad Max themed Uber car in Seattle last week, you'll likely be thrilled to know that the ride-sharing app continues to roll out limited themed rides. This past Friday, residents in New York City had the chance to score an Uber ride in a Dodge Charger Hot Wheels Storm Trooper Hellcat. The special cars were the result of the tech company's collaboration with Hot Wheels to celebrate "Force Friday."

Hot Wheels

The day began the official countdown of sorts for the release of the new Star Wars movie, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" on December 18. App users were able to hail a Storm Trooper Uber in NYC by entering a special promo code into the application. Force Friday rides were completely free for trips less than 30 minutes. As with the Mad Max special, ride availability was extremely limited due to very high demand. The special cars were also limited to specific locations in the city. We look forward to seeing what other awesome Uber ride collaborations are in the works.

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