Uber Giving Away Free Rides For Being Too Drunk


Now you can party all you want.

A southern New Jersey town with a drunk driving epidemic is teaming up with Uber in hopes of lowering their record-breaking DUI rate. Evesham Township has a population of 45,000 people and an average of 25 DUI cases per month. In 2015 alone the town is on track to rack up 250 DUI arrests. However, if all goes according to plan, a new partnership between the Township and ride-sharing app Uber will enable anyone drinking in one of 19 different alcohol-serving locations to get a free ride home using the app.

The special free ride program with Uber is funded by donations and is an extension of a pilot program that the town initiated using a free shuttle service in September. The shuttles drastically reduced the DUI rate in the town by 65 percent. It is hoped that the program with Uber will be equally, if not more, successful than the pilot program. According to a spokesperson from Uber, the company may also expand the free ride program to other towns depending upon the success of the pilot in Evesham.

Source Credits: www.nydailynews.com

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