Ugly Aztek Gets Even Uglier

Forget lipstick on a pig. This Pontiac has stripes!

At the risk of offending any readers who own Pontiac Azteks, let's be honest: we all know that it's one of the ugliest cars ever created. The shape, the details, those horribly undersized wheels... it's just awful. (But then we can hardly imagine that anyone who did buy an Aztek during its limited lifespan from 2001 to 2005 would like cars enough to read a publication like ours, anyway.) Yet somehow, some owners - we'd say more than other cars - manage to make theirs even uglier with additions like wind deflectors, hubcaps and body graphics.

Take this owner, for example, who took his or her Aztek (ironically) tribal with tattoo-style graphics paired with a Bumblebee treatment including black stripes over yellow and Transformers logos on the wheels. If you're a glutton for punishment, check out the video below.

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