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UK 2011 Honda Insight with Revisions

The 2011 Honda Insight Hybrid is modestly improved. We see the improvement with its chassis and trim level changes. News is that the new Insight has also arrived at Honda's UK showrooms for everyone to see. Normal pricing starts at £16,325 ($25,692) for the SE model, while Honda has been on an advertising campaign running a special deal until the end of December offering the hybrid model at £14,995 ($23,599).

Some of the revisions we see are a new top range EX model that comes equipped with black leather upholstery, DVD Sat Nav, and hands-free telephone as standard. Apparently, Honda says that most of the upgrades are meant to address negative feedback on the car's ride and comfort levels. The chassis improvements include adjusting the recoil rate of the springs, changing the rear camber angles, and altering the rear suspension brace. A plus is the addition of new paint options.

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