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UK eBay Ad Features a Review by a Silicon Doll

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Would you buy a used car from this woman?

Shopping for a used car, you may find yourself consulting with your loyal mechanic or with some friends who really know their way around cars. But what if you could replace those opinions with an honest review from a silicon doll, apparently named Sandy? This ad for a Volkswagen Golf MK2 featured on eBay UK doesn't only feature a silicon model doing her thing with the car. The owner actually points out some of the car’s drawbacks, as seen from Sandy's plastic eyes.

Here’s the text as it appears in the ad: “My model who came to visit at the weekend loves cars and insisted upon looking at my classic VW polo and reports as follows: good engine, gearbox & clutch, drives well. The exhaust is blowing; windscreen needs a front n/s wiper. The worst bit is the rust on the wing as shown; the wing is bolt on and widely available. Driving it to her normal abilities but upon getting out and thinking that at least it runs without depending on a computer to go wrong, and having finished a bit of polishing, she decided that this car's not for her.” Looks like most people agree with Sandy, as the current bid on the car is only £32.

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