UK GT3 Owners Are Furious at Porsche

It isn’t about the risk of burning to crisp; they want money.

It may seem logical for Porsche 911 GT3 owners to be mad at the automaker for a host of reasons, for instance, the fact that they ran the risk of going up in flames along with their cars during the engine-fire debacle. But for a growing group of now-organized owners in the UK, it’s less about safety, and more about cash. Apparently, the compensation packages offered to owners by the automaker in most markets around the world haven’t quite made it across the Channel.

While Porsche has offered up to $2,000 to American owners for every month their car cannot be driven (Germans get 175 euros per day), owners in the UK have gotten nothing. And they’re still being required to make their car payments while Porsche scrambles to find a solution and replace the engines. Led by a customer named Sunil Mehra, all 30-35 UK owners have now organized, demanding that Porsche reimburse the group, which consists of existing owners, those whose production has been suspended and those who had placed deposits but never received a build allocation.

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