UK Police Take a Stance by Displaying Confiscated Drug Dealer’s BMW M3

Criminals are sure to be quaking in their boots at the sight of the M3 showcased in the front of this English police station.

Crime is on the rise in the UK, and following the riots where young hoodlums took to the streets en masse burning down shops and treating themselves to new pairs of sneakers and flat screen TVs, a police constabulary in Manchester have taken a confiscated white BMW M3 and displayed it in front of their station as a statement of intent. A drug dealer, who is serving a two year and three month prison sentence, had his latest generation $71,000 M3 taken under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

This act allows law enforcers to confiscate possessions obtained from illicit activities. By displaying it, criminals are being reminded that on occasion crime doesn't pay. "It's not fair that law-abiding citizens are trying hard to make ends meet while local criminals are driving round in luxury cars. We will continue to target these individuals and publicize the results for all the public to see," Chief Superintendent Nick Adderley said. "The message is loud and clear. If you are involved in criminal activity, look over your shoulder because we are coming to get you. We will put you before the courts and also hit you in the pocket where it hurts."

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